It’s Here – Build Your Own SLS 3D Printer!

It’s Here – Build Your Own SLS 3D Printer!

It’s been ages since my last blog post but today I have a very special reason to do so. I’m happy to announce that full sets of parts of our SLS4All Inova 3D printer are nearing full production readiness. It means that “kits” you’ve asked me for many times are on the way and you’re very close to the possibility to build your own SLS 3D Printer 😊

Extensive work on every aspect of manufacturing and completing a thorough logistical chain – including manufacturing, quality control, and global shipping – is behind us.

It’s Here – Build Your Own SLS 3D Printer!

Designing this open, customizable printer was a complex journey, aimed at enabling you as users to either assemble the Inova as is or modify it to their needs. We’ve been fine-tuning the precision of pre-production kit parts, with some manufactured in-house and others subcontracted to ensure the highest quality where specialized machinery is required.        

What can you expect from the kit?

It consists of the complete set of parts needed to build your own SLS 3D printer. It means parts to build the frame, all the electronics, optical components, etc.

We’ve done everything we can to make building the printer a fun and enjoyable experience that you can enjoy while understanding the basic principles of how the printer works. I expect you to be able to build it in say 4 to 7 days depending on how long your day is 🙂 No worries if you don’t have any previous experience with building 3D printers or any other complex projects. Our interactive assembly manual will help you to overcome any issues with ease.

It’s Here – Build Your Own SLS 3D Printer!

Once you build the printer, we believe you will forget that it is a DIY kit. Our software solution, which is full of wizards and contextual cues, will give you a quick and easy learning curve leading to successful prints.

By its nature, the printer is particularly suited for rapid iterative prototyping and/or small batch production. Since SLS is the only 3D printing technology that prints without supports, you can design your parts without limits. As the main material is PA12 nylon, the printer is primarily designed for functional parts with higher mechanical, thermal or chemical resistance requirements. But printing of soft TPU parts is also possible.

See full list of printer features


  • Common layer thickness: 100µm
  • Laser source: 10W blue diode laser, 450nm
  • Laser spot size: approx. 350µm
  • XY axes control: Galvo scanner
  • Z axis control: Nema17 Stepper Motor and Ball Screw
  • Build chamber volume: 177x177x200mm (6.3 liters) / 7x7x7.8in (382.2cu in)
  • Effective build volume for PA12  Vylon: 150x150x180mm (4.1 liters) / 5.9×5.9×7.1in (247.2cu in)


  • Pre-heating time: <45minutes
  • Average scanning speed: 2,800mm/s (at packing density 25%)
  • Print speed: approx. 9mm/hour at 25% scanning density at layer height 100µm
  • Cooling time: 30-50% of the print time
  • This means that you can print, for example, a chamber filled with 41 Benchys (with 100% solid infill and layer height 100µm), in a total of approximately 27 hours. That means about 40 minutes in average for single, highly detailed Benchy.


  • FW and SW: SLS4All Compact integrating - Low level printer firmware (based on the Klipper), Complex printer management and control software, Automated nesting solution, Slicing features optimized for SLS 3D printing
  • User interface: 7inch touch screen display for complete control of the printer – from setting the printer up, uploading models, nesting, slicing, printing itself and maintenance monitoring.
  • Remote control: complete, via browser
  • SLS4All Compact updates: via internet using „one-click“procedure


  • Precise temperature and overheating control on the SW side
  • Automatic firmware shutdown in case of any heater or temp sensor failure
  • Completely independent hardware watchdog monitoring the key components functionality.
  • Visual control of the print: 5MP on-board camera


  • Wi-Fi
  • LAN
  • USB


  • Possibility to choose from 110-120V or 220-230V version


  • PA12 Nylon based SLS powders
  • TPU based SLS powders
  • Whatever you want to try with melting point up to 200°C


Check out full galleries – Test Prints, Inova Printer

Price of the kit

Price of the kit is set to 6,490EUR or 6,990USD. All without VAT, sale tax, etc.

We did our best to push the price as low as possible. We don’t want to compromise on our demands for quality of production, components (e.g. industry grade power components, etc.), materials, product safety or durability.

Our commitment to simplicity in manufacturing and ease of assembly means using fewer complex parts. Integrating more complex components using advanced techniques like high-end sheet metal fabrication would reduce costs, but this would compromise our dedication to an open-source and DIY-friendly design.

Thinking about building the Inova printer?

How to get your kit?

We don’t plan on mass production in the true sense of the word, so if you’re interested in ordering a kit, please vote in the poll above or email me (

Based on this initial interest, we will determine the size of the first batches in which we will produce the printer. This is our way of managing demand so that we can deliver the kits on time. In case you won’t let us know, size of the first batches will be very limited.

The kits will be available for ordering on the website starting in late May/early June 2024. Each batch will be defined by its size, fixed deadline for orders and fixed delivery date.  Delivery date for first 1-2 batches will be within 8-12 weeks after the deadline for orders. Next batches will be sent to you within 4-6 weeks after the deadline for orders.

We have arranged international shipping – FedEx and DHL. Here are some examples of the expected shipping costs (bear in mind that the printer weights approx. 50kg)

It&#8217;s Here &#8211; Build Your Own SLS 3D Printer!

You will have optional possibility of adding shipping insurance in case the kit package is damaged.

Open-source approach

Even without the source code you have extensive configuration possibilities incl. advanced development features, custom print material settings, print chamber shape modifications, heating settings, stepper and galvo settings, etc.

Frame construction is designed to be easily upgraded or customized. Key electronics and optical components of the printer are proofed, well reputable and commonly available parts which is easy to buy and replace.

Indicative timeline for making the documentation public:

  • Documentation regarding all mechanical parts and components will be published no later than the date of opening of orders.
  • Documentation regarding the proprietary printed circuit boards – GATE1 and ZERO1 – will be published no later than the date of opening of orders as well.
  • Binary form of the SLS4All Compact will be published no later than the date of shipping first orders.
  • Source codes of the SLS4All Compact will be published gradually starting at the date of the shipping first orders. We’ll provide more details on this soon.

All resources will be licensed as open source but may only be used for non-commercial purposes. This means that you will not be allowed to produce and sell Inova printers or its parts.

Our support and community

We would like to see a supportive and creative community around the SLS4All project. We believe it can help move things forward in the SLS world, as FDM world did years ago.

While we believe we have done everything we can, as with anything, problems can arise. Therefore, anyone who builds and operates an Inova printer will have our full support. It doesn’t matter if they build it from our kits or build it entirely on their own.

Main support media will be our Discord server which we’ll restructure to effectively play this role. Of course, a detailed assembly manual and operating instructions will be available to the entire community. We also prepare some videos for specific sections of the build which will be available on YouTube.

We also plan to invite you to meet us so that you can touch the printer and talk to me and Pavel in person, not only about SLS. So, even if you are from the other side of the planet and you’re interested, we’d love to meet you. Our workshop is located 30 minutes from Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. So, you can combine the pleasant with the useful and have a nice weekend 😉

As soon as there are some printers among you, we would also like to organize thematic in person and online workshops.

Legal aspects

To be able to sell the kits legally and to create space for the project continuity we had to establish the legal entity – private company. So, all the aspects related to the kits production are formally covered by the following limited liability company (“s.r.o.” is Czech equivalent to Ltd. or Llc.) which is owned by me and Pavel:

anyteq development s.r.o.

Address: Lesni 405, 251 62 Mukarov, Czech Republic

Reg. Nr: 17235839

VAT Reg.: CZ17235839

All the cooperations with manufacturing companies, material, and component suppliers as well as international shipping are set up through this company. We have the VAT registration, so it is possible to sell the kit without the VAT if the kit is ordered by the company within the EU with the valid VAT registration.

Because we want to be trustworthy and transparent, the address of the company’s registered office is the same as the address of my permanent residence. Our workshop is about 1km away.

Let’s print the future together!

We’re thrilled to bring the Inova printer kit to the world and look forward to seeing what you will create with it or from it. Your feedback and creativity are vital to moving the SLS technology closer to the public.

If you are interested in our kit, please let us know by voting in the poll below or via email ( If you have any questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to reach out on Discord, email or come to visit us in person.

Thinking about building the Inova printer?


Where to order: Store

Full galleries: Test Prints, Inova Printer

SLS4All Compact: Live MockUp

Assembly instructions: Live sample


Formlabs powders:


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7 thoughts on “It’s Here – Build Your Own SLS 3D Printer!”

  1. martin.bowles

    If I was to build one from scratch, would it be possible to make the build chamber bigger and what limit would there be on the size?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Martin,
      yes, it would be possible. In the Z-axis it would be relatively easy to redesign it to have printer with a deeper chamber at the end.
      XY axes which means galvo controlled axes will be a bit tricky if you think about more than say 15-20mm in each axes direction.

  2. Hi,

    We are actually purchased all hardware parts for the FRC. However, we need more information for CNC cutting and 3D-printed parts as well. How can we get the additional information to construct the Hardware by DIY method?

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I’ll publish the complete 3D model of the printer at the end of this month or first half of June latest. It’ll most probably be in the STEP format so you will be able to prepare all the necessary things in terms of manufacturing.
      I’ll also export all the 3D printed parts in STL and will recommend the material to be printed from.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply, Tomas! Your efforts with this project are tremendous. I appreciate your help. We are waiting for the specific information about HW and SW.

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