About SLS4All.com

Who I am?

My name is Tomas Starek and I am the real enthusiast in anything what is technically interesting and a bit complicated.

It doesn’t matter it is hardware or software, but to be honest, the combination of both fits me best. I am 40+ and I am an “old-school” man. I like to use my head, hands and I honor the craft.

About SLS4All.com

My education and experience are recruiting from the IT and mechanical field. I live in The Czech Republic, “the home of PRUSA” 😊, and like many others, I found my passion for 3D printing.

What's my goal?

When I started this project, my goal was to design and build functional DIY SLS 3D Printer which will have key features of “adult” SLS printers – just for my personal joy. It was also the challenge because only a few people who tried that in the past had some outcomes. At least to my knowledge.

After more than year, I had been working on this project, I understood why. It is a complex topic combining knowledge from different fields – mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, software algorithms, IT hardware and more.

Just before first test print attempts (March 2022), I decided to share my journey to my dreamed DIY SLS printer with others. Simply said, SLS4All.com was born, to make my project open-sourced.

What to find here?

I started this page to be the DIY SLS Printer build blog. Later, I decided to open my approach and to publish all the documentation incl. hardware drawings, PCB drawings, STL models, firmware, etc. I will gradually add this content and if there will be interest, I will also prepare the assembly manual.

Is that free?

Yes, everything provided on SLS4All.com and related sites (GitHub, Discord, etc.) is here for your free use. Registration for getting access to tech documentation is completely free as well.

See Terms of Use.


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