SLS4All Compact

I’d like to present basic outline of our FW/SW solution’s user interface. We call it SLS4All Compact, because it integrates all the software components which are necessary to print something. It means:

  • Low level printer firmware (based on the Klipper)
  • Complex printer management and control software
  • Automated nesting solution
  • Slicing features optimized for SLS 3D printing.

The whole solution runs directly on the printer, so no additional PC is needed to operate it. However, this does not limit the ability to conveniently control the printer remotely via web browser from any PC in the network.

Interactive MockUp

Since many of you are interested in what our FW/SW solution looks like, I have prepared an interactive mock-up. It will give you a basic user experience of the user interface and the logic of the internal navigation.

Although the mock-up does not cover SLS4All Compact in full depth, it contains everything important.

MockUp is optimized for Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, desktop only.



Last updated: 08/03/2024