Test Prints Gallery

I had to wait a long time before I could start this photo gallery, but finally it’s here. I will keep adding test prints here to show you what can be printed on my printer and in what quality.

I printed all the printouts below from the Formlabs PA12 Nylon powder. I used the common mix ratio 70/30 which means that I always add 30% of the fresh powder into the used one.

Key print parameters are as follows:

  • Printer preheating time: <45 minutes
  • Temperature while printing: approx. 175°C
  • Layer height: 100µm
  • Max. scanning speed: about 2,800mm/s
  • Parts weren’t blasted

Some of the presented 3D designs are my own – usually parts of the printer – some were downloaded from Thingiverse.com or Printables.com.

Last updated: 13/06/2024

Printed On RC1 - Set 5

Voronoi objects to test printing of thin, complex geometries and a few other parts - 11/06/2024

Printed On RC1 - Set 4

Benchy variations to test the printer resolution - 29/04/2024

Printed On RC1 - Set 3

Searchinig for the printer limits, small job with the average packing density exceeding 50% - 20/04/2024

Printed On RC1 - Set 2

First print job with the chamber nearly half full - 20/03/2024

Printed On RC1 - Set 1

First set of prints printed after final print quality adjustment - 08/03/2024

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